The place where I slept last n

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The place where I slept last night was under the forest park, and I did not return to the city according to the tour guide. The mountain is a gathering area, and there are many houses Wholesale Cigarettes Online. It was built about the rise of tourism. The planning of streets and highways is very formal. Those who come and stay at night should be all foreigners. The locals are doing business for tourists, so it is quiet at night. It is absolutely pure mountain, surrounded by mountains, feeling the air is clean and humid, the heat in the house is also very heavy, and the sheets are moist. I live in a designated hotel and can only be called a hotel Cheap Cigarette Cartons. The conditions cannot be compared with the city. The tour guide has explained more than once, so that everyone can be safe. No one knocked at the door in the middle of the night, and the sleep was very steady at six in the morning, and there was a thin mist in the air. The 31st group of young and old finally finished the gathering, and took the bus to the Golden Whip Creek that had been there yesterday. I am here to understand the origins of Zhangjiajie's landforms and listen to the fossils in the ocean. When watching 3D movies, each person has a special pair of glasses, sitting in a chair and entering the situation with the story. The wind and rain, the lightning and thunder are very realistic. The waves from the middle to the deep valley chairs also followed the dramatic undulations of the plot, as if they were there. Fortunately, I have watched it before, so I didn��t scream. It��s a half-hour to end up. It��s also a pleasing thing to see people in the scenic spot. When my colleagues asked why such a hot day is going to pick hot spots, I said that there are hot places. Hot pants. Although it is a joke, but the dress of the visitors is ever-changing, and the sisters of the spicy eyes are indeed many. If the tour guide does not rush Newport Menthol Cigarettes, he will have a flowing landscape from the side. People still come a lot, and each team always has a few people standing in the field. I feel that this scenic spot is more like a large T-stage. I look at the beautiful scenery of different beauty. Why not take it as a grand costume show and go straight to the last scenic spot----Shili Gallery Shili Gallery Five kilometers away, there is a small sightseeing train carrying tourists back and forth, and the sidewalk is next to the train. We use walking tours. The two sides of the canyon are opposite to each other. The mountain is almost semi-naked, and the peaks are different from each other. The entire corridor is like a huge landscape painting. In particular, the natural form of Shifeng, such as the old birthday star, or reading and so on, is the end of the spectacle gallery. The three peaks are connected neatly. The tour guide is called the Three Sisters, and the tourists are identified according to the form. Third, and give reasons. Here are the most photographed places for tourists. Everyone is laughing at the most beautiful gesture Cigarettes Types. I told my family that the biggest advantage of taking pictures is laughing. Maybe it was not happy, but everyone used to laugh when taking pictures. How good. We know that this is in the pack, but if we do it for an hour or more every day, we might really laugh. After the focus of the scenic spot is over, the Fudao pulls us to a place where the silkworm is processed, and Amei introduces the silkworm. This group has people from Henan and Hebei, from Yunnan and Chongqing, and everyone can only listen to it. Although the tour guide once said that he needs to cooperate with his work, he is very annoyed by this cooperation. Finally, the explanation was over. Later, every person got a small handkerchief souvenir Newport 100S Cigarettes, and when he won, he returned to the car and returned to the middle of the road and let him enter a local specialty store. This group of the 31st group, who followed the guide boy for two days, actually opposed the failure to get off the bus. After a stalemate for a while, the tour guide conceded defeat and watched the Tujia family look ugly. I wonder if it is a bit unreasonable. The advantage of the crowd is that the law is not ruled, everyone looks at the window and pretends to look at the scenery, so I also let go of this, end all the group tour, went straight to the home of Zhangjie City