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"Karamellaa Kiyya" **New Oromo Music (2015)** (Simmbo Koo) Adaanech Tammanaa

"Karamellaa Kiyya" **New Oromo Music (2015)** (Simmbo Koo) Adaanech Tammanaa
Duration: 00:04:31
Masinqo Mulugeta Teshome
Arr. & Mixing Birhihan Zerihun
Directing Elias Kiflu /Dani/
Cinematography Adanech Tamene /Simbokoo/
Production EluukooProduction
This Video made by EluukooProduction. Eluukoo Production is a place to get the best music videos! We are committed to bring quality Oromo music videos, drama and movies that are authentic and original! We ask you to respect the hard work we put in to making these videos and buy original copies. Do not copy and put your logos on our videos and discredit our hard work. Enjoy our videos and please feel free to share! Thank you for supporting Oromo art!