Hatsune Miku Is Holding Another Concert, This Time In Nexon’s MapleStory

By: smrtsmith
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With virtual idol and starlet Hatsune Miku being, well, virtual, would it be any surprise she’s holding a concert as as being a crossover tieup in Nexon’s Korean MapleStory?
The singer is a component of the collab which MapleStory 2 Mesos often can last from now till the 24th of September. As part considering the collab, one over the events players usually takes pleasure in is an Audition-style dance rhythm game. Here, around five players can jive in tandem with Miku from the use on the dance patterns with the keyboard.
At exactly the same time frame, players may possibly also help collect items meant utilizing Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos the concert that happen to be actually stolen by MapleStory monsters. For the “fans” who’ve gathered her items and helped make the concert successful, Fever Time could even be unleashed. Man, have a very very have a look at those poor guards.