His attacks.His first and basic assault Maple story M Mesos is

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His attacks.His first and basic assault Maple story M Mesos is"indicating" you using a flashlight, or even more like, the location he's going to shoot his own cannons at, it has a delay so that you may just walk out of it together with your dash.Another attack is his landmines. Notice it will never land in your if you haven't transferred from your place when he

deploys his landmines. The boss is just gonna try to tempt you into it.A third strike of hisis his"ray" attack, he is charging up his laser cannon then shoots it out of his near floor to far away and you'll see red squares which will damage you if you keep standing on these red blocks. Those blocks are created that he fired. Another attack

he can preform is a"rush" assault. He would float charging his speed up and then just fly straight towards you. Once again, it's very easy to dodge when you time it properly because sometimes he'd divert to your position again before he launches forward to you.And at the end of his dash he will leave a"cross" (more like a + compared

to a cross) on the floor, which turns into fire, and again, it is going to turn red so Maplestory M Mesos for sale that you would detect and have time to move away.The next attack he utilizes is a lot of scattered lasers that he shoots. It has no crowd control, meaning you can just face it, and it's hitbox is somewhat weird as it sometimes (and it happened to me) just

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