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MapleBlitzX - Adds a MapleStory to the mobile

By: Bale
Posted in: Maplestory M

MapleBlitzX is the second mobile product to have been inspired by Maple Story, alongside another product that is currently under development, Maple Story M. Previously, this project was called MNP, until recently, the name The new product is officially announced as MapleBlitzX. Let's see Game4V trailer below.

In the trailer, it is possible to predict MapleBlitzX's style of Maplestory Mobile Mesos play that will most likely carry MOBA as the characters attack the opponent on three different paths. In addition, MapleBlitzX does not even mention the features or graphics of the PC on the mobile so we can fully hope for a completely new mechanism, only using the characters in Maple Story alone. .

However, building a completely different gameplay is a good step for Nexon. We must remember the forgettable defeat of Poket Maple Story earlier. Not to mention the parallel development of two games inspired by a legendary product on the PC, the introduction of features on the PC to mobile will definitely attract players rather than create a whole new gameplay. .

More information about this "strange" products of Nexon will be updated Game4V to Buy Maplestory M Mesos readers in the Game Mobile, do not miss.